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Are We Losing Our Freedom?


Our Post-Pandemic Normal

Are you feeling like you are losing control? Losing control of your life, your health, your ability to make your own decisions, of your family’s freedoms?

The new decade of 2020 roared in existence filled with promise. I, like everyone else waited with bated breath for its arrival. So arrive it did, greeted with much applause and with it came H-A-D-E-S! And per biblical warnings it has brought the equivalence of seven (7) more demons with it.

Somewhere around early January we began to hear surreptitious whispers of this new virus aka Coronavirus aka COVID-19. This mysterious killer supposedly originated in Wuhan China. This intelligent killer that supposedly crossed species from bats to humans. Here in the US, and I would venture to say, like much of the rest of the world we thought that it would not touch us. That we had nothing to worry about.

Well we were wrong!

Our leaders took their own sweet time closing the borders and when they finally did, the proverbial horse had already escaped the stables. Or did it? Had the theoretical horse already been placed outside the gates? Surfacing evidence suggests the latter may be true.

There are so many conflicting theories on the origins of this new killer that it leaves your head spinning with the what-ifs. Whatever the method / means / purpose of this Revelation-sized monster, one thing is certain, it has been let loose upon the earth. Presently a few truths have been glaringly obvious.

We are no longer free!

Image shows a locked door to depict the loss of freedom.
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Here are some of what we have lost thus far:

  • We have lost the ability to make our own choices.
  • We have little, none or have completely lost confidence in our leaders.
  • We have lost our livelihoods.
  • We have lost the abilities to make our own decisions and to feed our children
  • We will have little recourse than to follow the rule of the government/masses and that is; to social distance, wear a mask, stay away from each other, etc.
  • We have lost the right to “needed” healthcare.
  • Our kids will not live in a free society.
  • Many of us have lost relatives.
  • We are losing our lives as well.

For our future interactions:

  • We may all be required to wear a mask and possibly gloves for the foreseeable future.
  • To travel / fly / interact we may be required to present a negative COVID-19 test or present our person with ample time to be able to be swabbed and/or checked for a fever before being able to board or transact business.
  • We will be required to have a mask/gloves on while travelling.
  • We may even be required to submit for blood tests and nasal swabs to check for antibodies before we are allowed to work, play, eat, shop, play and even live.
  • We will be in food shortage crisis and hunger will be prevalent (food prices are already increasing more rapidly than they had since 1974).
  • We/our children will required (made) to take the vaccine before we are allowed to  be schooled or exist in society.
  • Anti-vaxxers will wage but lose the war.
  • School kids will do longer be free to play and go about as they see fit.
  • Sports may be played but for empty stadiums.
  • Vigilante justice will become the rampant, neighbors will be pitted against each other out of absolute fear and/or hate.

America, a country that values its freedoms above all else, anxiously watches as those freedoms are stripped away from her. Our world as we know it is most likely gone. Our new normal will be vastly different than the one we knew.

Our leaders have become the puppet masters and we are uncertain what or who to believe and of what to do. We may be asked to provide proof of health reminiscent of past wars, (better have your papers on you at all times).

I remain perplexed on Bill Gates’ role as an active proponent for vaccinations and for all things health-care? Does he have a medical degree? Did I miss something there?

What are your thoughts?






37 thoughts on “Are We Losing Our Freedom?

  1. I am grateful you requested my response. I read over the lists. I cannot agree with either list. I think you are making statements that an exaggeration of reality on the former. Leadership is more than one person, there are many levels of leadership – have you lost faith in them all. Freedom loss – that is an exaggeration also.
    The Future is not yet here – travel changes have not been decided.
    As a professional it is smart that you look ahead but actually wait to see what unfolds before stressing about it. I know I could have a flat tire, a car accident, or a breakdown when I drive today but I won’t stress about it until I see if any of those things happen.
    The only constant in life is change I say. If I can’t handle change I will be unhappy every day and my family will be afraid of change also. Change is often welcome, a year ago I was on dialysis.

    1. Points well taken. Thank you for the insight. Have a great day.

  2. This covid have made a huge change in our lives…..

  3. I am VERY afraid of the fact that we are losing our freedoms! We are losing them daily, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Yet so many “sheeple” just blindly follow all this nonsense, and don;t see the dangers of it. It scares me to death. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America! NO THANK YOU! I will ALWAYS take FREEDOM, any day, everyday!!!!!

    1. You are so correct…when they get taken away they are NEVER returned. I pray we are not moving there… After 09/11 we began losing and we pay good monies to be harassed at airports, we understand why, but we did lose something. I do not like “being forced” to do anything.

      1. I am right there with you. I DO NOT like being forced to do anything either.

  4. I agree with many of your points.
    I went shopping today, in a larger community, and I couldn’t wait to get home !
    People were wearing masks, and instead of being friendly , as they usually are, people avoided eye contact. Everyone appears to be afraid.
    May God have mercy on all of us.

    1. Amen … only God can stem the tides of where life could end up.. this post is just a supposition of course.

  5. A. Satan tries hard to take away our freedom. But God is still exponentially greater than all the forces of evil combined.
    B. Even Congress has had to follow these health regulations; they probably would like to return to some normalcy just like us.
    C. There’s a lot of fear-mongering that’s been going on, and it has likely spread faster than the actual virus, infecting the psyche and causing panic, stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of despair. Fear is infectious. God has NOT given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
    D. God tells us where our focus should be in Philippians 4:6-8. He is still on His throne, waiting for us to pray big prayers and expect great things from Him.
    E. This temporary loss of freedom has had a silver lining, as more people have tried to show kindness to those in need. It has also helped many to consider their eternal destiny and seek God.

    1. I pray that is so… yes I believe souls will be won on account of this. And that is always cause for celebration.

  6. Many Christian have failure to look forward to the Kingdom that is coming and being comfortable in this world of sin, many people want their salvation here and now. The Bible predict times will get tough, there wars, a storage of food, sickness all around. I personal hope this begin of the Lord return to end this world of sin.

    1. Points well taken. Makes you wonder … could it be in our lifetime. Every generation before thought so.
      I am so happy you commented. Nice to hear the points of view of others.

      1. Every God fearing person has look forward to God restoring Life back to the way is was in the Garden of Eden, If you remember Acts 1, the man kept staring into the sky waiting for Jesus to return, the angels had to tell them, to go about your business, you & me & you could see Jesus come any day now

  7. 💕💕💕 I’m not sure…
    Love, light and glitter

    1. Have a blessed day.

      1. Thanks!! You too…

  8. I have the same question about Bill Gates. How in the world did he get all involved in this? He’s not a Dr. It’s scary to think what he might actually be up to.

  9. MY thoughts? You nailed it dead on.

  10. I agree with you so much on so many points here! People do not realize the freedoms we are losing. This happened after 9/11 too. And I am sure we are going to be required to have our kids vaccinated. Bill Gates is a very powerful person and I don’t trust him that much.

    1. I concur. Good morning. Sending you good wishes today.

  11. Awesome topic Pene and I feel the same way about the freedoms thing. BTW if you haven’t read it already, The Handmaid’s Tale is a brilliant book (in Canada, it was high school reading, back in the day) which kind of outlines the way things could go… and 911 could be said to have somewhat mirrored one of the starting events in that tale. But about Bill Gates, as far as I know (and I don’t know much), last I heard he and his wife were pretty level-headed philanthropists keenly involved in preserving the environment and improving situations in third world countries… including health related.

    Thanks for bringing up this important topic. xoxox

    1. I have heard of the book but never read it. I believe it was also a movie. The echoes of 911 have shaped a lot of the ways we travel as you so aptly stated.
      Have a blessed day.

      1. Definitely worth a read… also George Orwell’s 1984, if you haven’t already. Even if you just read about it on Wikipedia it’s helpful. Much love xoxo

      2. Have watched the series movie .Maybe you should also on Netflix or download. Teaches you so much about handling crisis and also tells of a love story

  12. Hmm. Many things to reflect on and questions to ask. But I believe we will get through this and we will come out strong. Do stay safe sis. 🤗❤❤

    1. Amen to that.

      1. 🤗
        How is the day at your end sis?

        1. Good morning, all remains well, everyone is good. To God be the glory.
          How is life on your end? I pray that you are having a good day.

          1. Hi sis. 🤗
            That’s good. Glad to read this. 🙂
            Good too, it’s been a packed and sunny day. 😕
            Glad it’s better now though – it’s now evening over here. 🙂
            Amen. Thank you. Wishing you the same. ❤

            1. Ah, I keep forgetting you live on a different time zone.
              Hot and sunny in Texas today. We are returning to some activities here. Hunger is an issue, never thought we would see the day in America, with so many persons losing their jobs, thousands were lined up at the food banks 2 days ago. In excess of 33 million folks are out of work.

              1. Smiles. 😁
                Wow. That’s the same over here today. “Sunny” 😥

                Oh. That’s great. Activities like?.
                Some states have relaxed movements too over here.

                Wow!!. The number is alarming. 😟
                I pray all these go away soon and things change for good. 🙏

                How are you and the family doing?.

                1. Amen my dear. I remember it is night where you are, have a good rest.

  13. I have the same feeling as you but I am left singing the song THROUGH IT ALL…….

  14. I am glad to see everyone playing nice in the comment thread as this is a hard topic to discuss.

    I am glad that you have approached this topic. I do believe we are losing some freedoms. But they sort of have been eroding for decades and no one stood up to say enough is enough.

    I wore a mask for one day at work. Threw it the dumpster. The problem with this virus, in my opinion, is that so many have not built up an immunity to it. Therefore when it mutates like all viruses do many will not be prepared. The lockdown of society is to blame for this.

    Gates is only in it for the money. Spend millions on potential vaccines, kill thousands because they don’t work and later make trillions and save lives…maybe…

    He is also a piece to the puzzle in the New World Order🤔

    There are so many variables to take into account but one thing I do know is that God is still in control. Could this be the end times? Possibly. And if so it will only get worse before Christ returns to take His church.

    1. Loved your perspectives on the issue. I echo them as well.
      Yes God is in control, and for that we are grateful.

  15. Its just disastrous what it had to yield for humanity

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