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A Doctor’s Story

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Where do we go when we die?

Working in healthcare and I have had the privilege of being on both sides of the bed, so to speak. I absolutely believe in God and as such, I have been carrying out my own ‘observation trials’ if you will as to what other medical professionals and people in general thought about God and life after death.

So from time to time, I will ask other nurses and doctors what are their thoughts on life, death, and God.

Many years earlier when I was pretty young I became very ill and had a few meetings with the Divine being, and even though I had always believed in God, during my time of peril God found me and let me know without a shadow of a doubt that He existed.

Ever since that time, while attending to patients I sometimes feel ‘led’ to open a conversation with them about their beliefs and I pray with or for them and sometimes I share my healing.

This day I was working with an older doctor who had an excellent bedside manner. I really loved working with him. He is one of those doctors that will check on his patients’ intermittently throughout their stay.

According to him, on a particular day he while working in Emergency medicine, he had a female patient of approximately 65+/- years. She was complaining about some non-specific abdominal pain. He noted that she was fairly healthy for her age with no other co-morbidities (no pre-existing health problems). So the blood tests were done, cardiac monitoring was continuous and he decided to check in on her as was his practice.

He was standing at the patient’s bedside talking to her, all vital signs normal when she looked off into the direction of the doorway with a puzzled look on her face and asked, “are they coming for me or are they coming for you?’.

He stated he did not have time to answer her question as the next moment she had a look of sheer terror on her face as she exclaimed, “no they’re coming for me!” The next instant, that patient went into cardiac arrest and all efforts were made to save her but she never regained consciousness and subsequently died soon thereafter.

He told me he will never forget the look of sheer paralyzing terror on that woman’s face and that ‘whatever’ came for her and wherever she went he did not want to go. That moment, he said has stayed with him all these years and has served as a reminder to always try to be a better human being.

For those that believe in Jesus, What are your thoughts on this doctor’s experience? Please feel free to comment and share your own.


33 thoughts on “A Doctor’s Story

  1. It’s difficult to say, because salvation is such an individual thing. There’s a good chance that her anxiety and mental state led to such a stressful outburst, but ultimately, it’s between her and God I guess. Interesting.

    You must see many miracles as a nurse as well!

    1. Yes in the healthcare field you get to see God work in many different ways and sometimes we feel so helpless to help and some stories/ people just stay with you forever. Some people are so very grateful and that means a lot.

  2. I have heard pastors comment on being at the bedside of a believer versus a non-believer at their time of death, and they say there is a distinct difference in the person’s countenance when their time comes. Peace versus panic.

    1. I agree with Deb!

    2. Good news indeed.

  3. You asked, “What are your thoughts on this doctor’s experience?” My initial thought is that such an experience would probably be very impactful. It would be memorable. It would cause me to look carefully at what I think its meaning is – and what application it might have in my own life. I want to live so that when my last moments on earth come, those who are with me can hear the choir of angels who come to usher me “home.”

    1. Yes, that experience had happened years prior but had made a profound impact on the doc.

  4. I hesitate to put too much emphasis on an experience like this because there are too many possibilities. However, it definitely impacted the doctor, so I would use the experience to share the gospel with the doctor if he isn’t a Christian.

    1. Yes the doctor was definitely impacted but was a Christian prior to that experience as well as a nice and caring person.

  5. I have a dear friend whose ministry is to those dealing with end of life issues. Her and her husband talked and prayed with and for his father with the hope that he would receive Jesus as Savior, sadly, he didn’t. She was with him when he died, and like some others she sat with till the last breath, he was anxious and completely unsettled. These experiences should prompt us to share the Good News as Matthew mentioned, and I can’t help but feel that you would have done so had the doctor not already been walking with Jesus. Blessings ♥

    1. Yes, I feel very sad when people say do not know / believe Jesus. I believe we know on an instinctive level that God exists, but some allow the ‘noise of life to drown that knowledge out. Sad indeed that he did not accept even st the end.

    1. Thank you Stu, my goodnes. I don’t know what to say.

  6. 🗝God knows.. 😉😊👍🙏💙💙💙

  7. Thanks for sharing this insightful post. The comments reflect thoughtful reverance for our Lord and Savior. Sometimes God uses such moments to influence others. It certainly has started a conversation here, which is wonderful.

    1. Thank you.

  8. People should believe the reality of Jesus for the fact that death is inevitable.

    1. We must continue to pray that He reveals Himself to them.

  9. Wow! Very sobering. May we share the Good News of God’s redeeming love with all those that God brings in our path. None of us are safe apart from His grace . . .

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    1. I certainly will, I did some browsing yesterday, but was a little busy at work, but I will be back. I grew up in another country so my grandmother used a lot of herbs as well when I was a child. Whenever we were ill we were sent to pick herbs for health. unfortunately many of the younger generations did not want to learn about the herbal life and a lot of the knowledge is lost, now I regret that I did not pay better attention.

  11. This gave me chills! It does not sound like she went anywhere good. My mom is a retired nurse, and spent many years working in nursing homes. Once just before a lady died, she said the lady was in distress and started swinging as if she was fighting off something. She was fighting as she entered eternity. Doesn’t sound like she went anywhere good either. I think many believe heaven and hell are fantasies but they are both real places. And “good works” won’t get anyone into heaven. Only the blood of Jesus can get us in. We must accept Him into our heart’s and lives.

    1. Yes, that story happened to that doctor many years by the time he told me that story and it was one that stayed with him many many years later. he was in his 60+/- when he recounted it to me.
      Also in my culture we keep our older people at home and are usually at their bedsides when they are crossing over and I have seen and heard many such stories from my own loved ones. Thank God they were always stories of crossing the Jordan river and being greeted by their parents and saying how beautiful it is. I have had experiences of my own so I know that I know that God is real. I just pray for those who think it is a fantasy.

      1. What culture are you from again? So you’ve heard the stories of people who are nearing death and they get excited because they start seeing people who died years before them? I have heard of this happening many times.

        1. Guyana, south America

          1. Ok! Very nice! It’s always a pleasure to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

            1. That’s one of the ways I think the internet serves an excellent purpose, making the world smaller. remember the bible says that Jesus would not return until everyone had a chance to hear the word….well we are moving in that regard in leaps and bounds. Makes you think…

              1. Yes! The internet serves as a great tool in this way. Amen to the words of Jesus!

        2. Oh yes, I have witnessed it myself. When I was a child and someone was ill all the family would go to that house every night until after the funeral and a lot of persons would be at the bedside. the elders would say the person was ‘travelling’ and time to take their head off the pillow. It was the norm for us, back when I was a child we kept our dead at the home until burial so we got to see the whole process.

          1. I think another blogger shared something similar once. I guess we don’t always think about it but death can be a process just like birth. Thanks for sharing.

  12. One can’t stop to wonder; when is the right time to stop feel a thing off what happens around us .good or bad ” sometimes we are uncertain of what we really feel despite it all

    1. It made an impression on that doctor.

  13. But a Prayer is a good medicine

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