Summers’ Passing

I’m not sure why, but the ending of each summer makes me a little melancholy. There is no specific triggering event that I can recall, no abandonment issues that I can associate but that feeling happens each year.

This year of course is no different and a few days ago I realised that when I left for and arrived home from work it was suddenly dark where it had been light just the day before. The changes are so subtle that they are almost imperceptible.

I took this pictures this morning when I got to work as the waking world looked so quiet and beautiful.

I think I have always felt like I’ve lost something with the end of each summer. An awareness that I am one year older and that there are a finite number of summers left in my life.

This awareness for me is not one that I dwell on negatively but use as a means of appreciating the little things as well as the big ones and learning to let go of that which I deem to be inconsequential.

Each season as I mature I become ‘more myself’ and am learning that I matter and should take better care of myself, by removing myself from persons and situations that do not bring out the best in me. Learning there is nothing wrong in loving oneself.

So goodbye summer, I’ve grown so much this past year and I look forward to our meeting again. Until next time.

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