Blogging about my experiences

Welcome to my blog! Here you can read about my life’s journey thus far and I hope you stick around as we continue the journey together. I love God and I chronicle my relationship with God and man. I write on the lessons I have learned.

Instinctively I knew where I was born was not big enough to contain me so I was determined to come to America. As a girl I would always look at the heavens and dream big dreams … I emigrated to this country when I was very young, leaving family and friends behind.  I have had many a hard lesson along the way and have learned from them. I write about being an immigrant, how I assimilated in this new world, made it my own and created a new life. 

I credit all of it to God as He has brought me through many many things. I pen some of my parenting styles in raising my children to be productive and responsible members of society, information on health and lifestyle, a little cooking and just general things that peak my interest. 

Sharing knowledge and learning from others

I share what is placed on my heart to record. I love photography and will be sharing my photos here as well. I share general knowledge that I hope will enrich your lives while I learn from each of you also.

Learning never ends, it only can if you decide to stop, but if you are surrounded by like-minded persons and you open yourself to new ideas and possibilities you will always glean new knowledge.

Photo by Pene’ – Cancun, Mexico 2017

Our perspectives and our faith helps to tell us where we stand.

How do we become strong in faith? 

By knowing what is right and wrong. By meditating on God’s words, by being in communion with Him. We have an innate knowledge about good and evil and we are called upon to make the correct choices for the betterment of all mankind. We trust in a Higher Being and we do so though faith. 

Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

For each of us must live a life according to our beliefs and do so in a  manner honorable to God, ourselves as well as those who were before us. 

I am grateful to all those brave women that came before me, upon whose shoulders I now stand. And because of their sacrifice I can be a person in my own right, entitled to my own opinions and responsible for myself, now I am tasked with passing the torch to a new generation of warriors.