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21 Replies to “Home”

  1. Thank you so much for leaving your “calling card” at JanBeek so I could find your blog and enjoy your writing. You are my 666th follower!! That has a great ring to me – because I am not superstitious about numbers. Any time I get a new follower, it is a reason to celebrate. Thank you! I hope you visit my blog again soon. I will enjoy perusing your site, too!

    1. Ms. Jan Beek & gifted 50; I prefer the word FAN to FOLLOWER, as follower implies a Leader, and who are we leading here? I first Read, & then I comment, which is writing to me, if I think I have something New to say, I go on Word Press and write out an article…..I appreciate all of the “Likes” on my e-mail, yet unless You decide to make a “Comment” I have no way to Reply to you! I write all of your names down in my “Little Red Book” so I do not forget them in my old man’s brain…..I hope this makes sense to YOU ALL…..George

      1. It made perfect sense, George. I like the word “Fan,” too. And yes, if the reader doesn’t leave a comment, it’s hard to reply. But sometimes, I do. I click on their name, find their blog, and see if I “like” theirs as much as they “liked” mine. And if so, I often leave a comment thanking them for visiting me. BTW, I like the idea of a “little red book” – But I keep the names of my followers in a folder on my computer. WP makes it easy for me because they send me an e-mail every time a new “fan” clicks to follow. You get those, too, don’t you?

    2. Ms. Beek, & gifted 50, thank you for the interesting discourse, keep on writing & sharing, I am old now & my heart & fingers are so tired, especially so, now that My Life long Love has left this world, and me alone…..I am sending you Blessing’s on these Holy Days, please pass them along to those YOU LOVE….

        1. Dear gifted 50, I wish YOU & YOUR Loved ones a Blessed Christmas, thank you for thinking of me! This has been a hard time what with the loss of my Lady Love, and YOU have helped me through it…..May The Great Spirit Bless YOU!

      1. Makes perfect sense. I like the choice of “Fan” instead of “Follower”, too. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for sending blessings. I did pass them along to my loved ones. How old is old? I am 80 and blessed to be going strong. Did you see my post with all the angel wings? I’m ready to fly!!!

  2. Hi lady, I nominated you for the Barnabas encouragement award. Your comments on my blog are always encouraging and you write amazing blog posts. Thank you for being an encourager!

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